The property is located a few minutes from the prettiest beaches, which are well known throughout the world, where you can take part in sporting activities such as snorkeling, scubaphoto, swimming, diving and fishing along with more technical sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, for which we also suggest  the nearby Isola dei Gabbiani.
We have an agreement with a local vintage sailboat company for daily excursions to the Maddalena archipelago with lunch on board.
Ground-based activities: nearby you can go horseback riding, play tennis, golf or soccer; shoot clay pigeons, practice archery, ride go-karts, go cycling or mountain biking, along with all other outdoor sports.
There are cultural excursions to archaeological sites like the Giants' Tombs and the Nuraghe in the Arzachena area or characteristic visits like those to the thousand year old Luras Olives, to the park of the Maddalena archipelago and the nearby Garibaldi museum in Caprera as well as excursions to Bonifacio, which can be reached by ferry from S. Teresa di Gallura; along with the natural monument of Capo D'orso.